Azeite (portuguese for olive oil) or 'az+zait', an arabic legacy that means olive juice. The true origin of olive oil is found in the ancient olive tree first grown spontaneously in Minor Asia (Turkey) and along the envolving meditarrean land.

Traces of its existence were also found in North Africa during the superior paleolitic period. Obviously, the transformations and improvements of its carachteristics were Manmade over the years until it reached the days where it is cultivated and cared for.

Around 3000 BC, the olive tree was already cultivated all over the Fertile Crescent territory (Middle East) and during that course, the olive tree was taken from the Minor Asia and Egipt to Greece by Cecrops, the founder of Athens. In 1582 BC the people of Greece already knew the wild olive tree but it was in Egipt that the cultivated variety appeared and the technic of oil extration was improved. The Olive Tree is a symbol of peace, abundance, purification, wisdom and strenght.

On its branches rests its fruit, the olive, that Men's skills transformed it into an oil with multiple culinary aplications, medicinal and even mithological. We are talking about olive oil, an agrifood product that blends with the identity our our people.