1. The tasting temperature of d'Oliva olive oil circa 28 degrees Celsius. In between tastings, an in order to clear the pallet of the olive oil previously tasted, a slice of apple should be eaten and drink some water.

2. Pour a little olive oil into a small drinking glass. Shake the glass so that the oil covers the sides.

3. Uncover the glass and introduce your nose in it as to absorb the oil's aromas.

4. After tasting d’Oliva olive oil, you will notice flavours such as freshly cut grass, mixed with green almond shells, making the aroma of d’Oliva very complex. There will also be a slightly bitter, spicy feeling in your mouth, with a light, astringent taste, as if the olives are still green.

5. Taste the olive oil by taking a small quantity enough to moisten mouth cavity.

6. Feel the aromas of recently cut grass and green almond shell which turns it into a complex olive oil. The slight bitterness and some spiciness with a touch of astringent is noticeable that the olives are still green (unripe).
A balanced olive oil with persistent taste of nuts,
namely walnut.